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Trusted by Leaders & Influencers

All-in-One Traditional Book publishing & Course Creation Platform's funnel builder


Trusted by Leaders & Influencers

Publish Your Book, Traditionally

The most effective way to establish yourself as an authority and credible expert, coach, or speaker is to publish your book. If your manuscript is accepted, Imprintos will publish your book, traditionally, through its strategic partnership with Kharis Publishing, a leading traditional book publisher. And distribute it nationally and internationally to over 37,000 retailers, and still pay you ongoing royalty for your work. You deserve that much for your great content.

Trusted by Leaders & Influencers

Complete Publishing program

Your book is produced and distributed in all various formats for massive impact:

- Paperback

- Hardcover

- Ebook

- Audiobook

- Full Online Course's email editor


Trusted by Leaders & Influencers

Course Creation Done for You

Imprintos is the only traditional publisher that will publidh your book and develop a full online course around the content of your book. Time is the most important currency for elite busy executives, leaders, and influencers like you. And these are precisely the people who have something really important to contribute, but they also do not have the time to setup courses and funnels. Imprintos takes this chore off your hands, so you may concentrate on creating amazing content and changing lives. Imprintos will take your raw manuscript and create full online course with text and audio, in addition to publishing it as a book.'s email editor's editor with color picker


Trusted by Leaders & Influencers

Marketing Tools & Funnels.

Imprintos author platform is equipped with everything you need to market and grow your community. World's easiest funnel system, blogs, templates, landing pages, online communities,and many more, are included free of charge for all authors.'s editor with color picker


Trusted by Leaders and Influencers

Grow with Free Access to All Courses

As an Elite Member or author on Imprintos platform, you have unlimited access to all premium content on the platform to learn new skills and embrace cutting-edge knowledge for personal growth and development! You get to learn from other leaders and influencers, free of charge, as you create your own inspired content.'s dashboard on PC and mobile

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  • Your book published and distributed free
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  • All-in-one marketing tools included
  • Unlimited email marketing
  • Free access to all courses and content

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Imprintos is the world's first all-in-one platform for traditional book publishing and course creation and marketing.

Imprintos is the world's first all-in-one platform for traditional book publishing and course creation and marketing.

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